• Susan Weinschenk

    Susan Weinschenk

    How to get people to do stuff
    There are 7 basic drivers of human motivation. And if you understand what motivates people you’ll be better able to figure out how to get people to do stuff....

  • Joe Leech

    Joe Leech

    Forms are boring
    @mrjoe will show you how to add a little magic to your forms. Using psychology, craft and a little sparkle you'll be designing forms that are both fun to create and a pleasure to use....

  • Mike Atherton

    Mike Atherton

    Branding: All in the Mind
    The market for interactive products is getting ever more crowded. Every week a new crop of websites and apps vie for our attention. But the real battleground is not on the App Store; it's in the mind....

  • Jamie Trollope

    Jamie Trollope

    Customer insight in an Agile environment
    Developing and deploying customer research in an agile environment. This talk will provide you with some practical examples of methodologies for gathering robust customer insight quickly and cost-effectively....

  • Jane Murison

    Jane Murison

    Putting the UX into D
    How the BBC is experimenting with designers doing their own user research with the aim of turning it from an expensive drudge into an easily accessed source of inspiration....

  • Marc Mcneill

    Marc Mcneill

    How usable is UX?
    This talk will challenge many of the 'sacred cows' of user experience, and explore how UX can be successfully embedded into teams and organisations....

  • David Hamill

    David Hamill

    Usability testing tips
    10 years experience running usability tests means David has collected a big bundle of tips on how to get the most out of your test sessions....

  • Ria Sheppard

    Ria Sheppard

    Create a spark: using gamestorming and collaboration techniques to fire up your project...

NUX2 is an all-day event in Manchester focussed on how an understanding of people can help you define, design, and build better experiences, on the web and beyond. With international speakers from some of the biggest digital brands, the day will provide a wealth of practical experience you can apply right away.

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