Ria Sheppard

Create a spark: using gamestorming and collaboration techniques to fire up your project


In organisations of any size, a project can be a challenge; in a large organisation, where people have seen various projects and programmes come and go, it can feel like an uphill struggle to engage jaded stakeholders and inspire them with confidence. In this session, I’ll talk about techniques I have used at ebay and elsewhere to fire up stakeholders, work out project-based emotional baggage, form a feeling of shared purpose, and inject some all-important fun into the dull ol’ working day.

About Ria

Ria is passionate about designing first class user interactions and delightful web experiences; she’s also a dab hand at gathering requirements in a way that doesn’t make people fall asleep. Currently she’s building a new UX design team eBay Europe, working in a freshly minted agile team to create new experiences for both eBay customers and employees; before that she worked at MoneySupermarket and Unilever

Video of Ria’s talk

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Sketchnotes from Ria’s talk
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