Marc Mcneill

How usable is UX?


UX has grown up from it’s academic HCI roots to be being a ‘first class’ concern that is taken increasingly seriously. But it also carries much baggage, especially when trying to engage with agile dev teams. Understand the user, context of usage, task analysis; we do these things when designing products, but do we do them when designing the way we work? When building UX into an organisation, what do we want to do and what do we need to do? This talk will challenge many of the ‘sacred cows’ of user experience, and explore how UX can be successfully embedded into teams and organisations.

About Marc

Visual thinker, hand waver, rapid talker, experience designer, strategic planner, customer experience director at Trader Media Group, lean & agile doer, ergonomist and co-author of the book Agile Experience Design. Marc is a passionate advocate of placing the customer at the heart of product development and championing lean and agile approaches for delivering new products to market at speed. He has more than 15 years of experience in IT, user-centred design and customer experience with a focus on digital strategy, successful project delivery and moving teams away from a product-centric view of the world to one of customer-centricity.

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