Jane Murison

Putting the UX into D


When designers are under pressure to get work done, user research can feel like another way of making the process slower and more expensive, and without much positive impact on the final design. This talk is about how we’re experimenting with designers doing their own user research, early on, with the aim of turning it from an expensive drudge into an easily accessed source of inspiration.

About Jane

Jane is Head of UX&D (Children’s, User Services and Design Research) at BBC Future Media in Salford. She’s worked at the BBC for over a decade on various projects, such as iPlayer, mobile, connected TV, Knowledge and Learning, social, Cbeebies, and CBBC. Jane is as passionate about her work as she is her employer, so much so that she’s named her children after deceased Blue Peter pets*.

*Shep (4) and Goldie (1) – both girls

Video of Jane’s talk

Slides from Jane’s talk

Sketchnotes from Jane’s talk
From @FrancisRowland: http://tiny.cc/nux2-jane-sketch2